Our Staff

Jess Divine: Ms. Divine

My name is Jess Divine, you can call me Miss Divine; I am the director of Iron and Pine Preschool.

I have worked in the field of early education for almost nine years and have had the opportunity to explore and experience an incredible range of educational philosophies, skills, situations, and classrooms. All of these experiences have been working with children ranging in age from 4 weeks old to seven years old.

My experience ranges from private care, to working as the Bilingual interpreter in early ed. classrooms, to a lead infant toddler/preschool teacher for an Early Head Start/Head Start program, to working in our very own local Waldorf K-8th program in their Waldorf preschool program. 


I learned early-on in my professional life that I was passionate about early childhood education, and after exploring the various teaching philosophies, it became very clear to me that the Waldorf philosophy was the one that resonated with my heart and my work as an educator/director. I, and my staff, are continually enrolled in Waldorf teacher enrichment training for Early Education. I am always looking for new ways to improve myself, my program, and continually expand my knowledge of early education to help support my staff and our families in the development of the whole child. 


My reverent and intentional approach to education reflects my personal outlook on life, and is aligned with my continual dedication to myself as both a teacher and person. Being present and authentic with the young child, intentionality, humor,  creating beauty with and for the child, humility and daily self reflection, trusting/respecting each child’s unique process of growth, and modeling reverence for all aspects of life is the synopsis of my personal teaching philosophy. In today’s world technology and fast paced lifestyles dominate our reality making it all the more crucial that we as educators create a safe haven for childhood: where children can grow in alignment with their truest highest selves and give back to society what has been lost and or forgotten. 


I am excited and humbled by the opportunity to be a teacher to your child during this incredible and magical period of growth in their lives. 

Jess Ferchaud: Ms. HotIron (Ferchaud in French) 
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Mae Waldron: Ms. Waldron

Hello Families, My name is Mae Waldron. I am so happy to be a part of Iron and Pine Preschool and cultivating a warm, inviting and curiosity piquing learning environment for your children. 


I love to watch and encourage a child's eyes to open up to the small wonders of life and to teach through the involvement in these wonders. The details and mysteries of the natural world are what keep my inner child alive and one of the reasons I love working with children so much is because I get to practice this wonderment and share it with them.


Caring and working with children has been a constant in my life from early in my working life. I have worked as a private nanny for many years, and spent a few summers working in the Early Childcare Village at Live Oak Waldorf School in Meadow Vista Ca, of which I am an alumni attending K-8. I have a passion for Waldorf education and a deep interest in the philosophy of Anthroposophy. I graduated in May 2020 with my Bachelors in Sociology (with a focus in environmental and rural issues) from Humboldt State University. After years of part time school and lots of life experiences, I choose to finally strap down and get my degree in Sociology purely because I enjoy learning about the subject but with no real career trajectory. Since graduating I am becoming more and more aware of how much working with children just feels right. Though my career and education path has taken me in many different directions, always in the back of my mind there is a little voice saying “Just be a Waldorf teacher…” At the end of the day this is where my heart is. 


I look forward to furthering my education while learning and growing alongside your young ones. I am honored to be involved in the exploration of these wee folk as they learn about the world. 

Kara Rane: Ms. Rane

Hello Dear Ones, My name is Kara Rane.
All my passions come together in the nurturing of a child. As an artist, I create beauty from chaos, transform suffering into meaning, and communicate universal truths. Having traveled and lived in many places, I understand how to relate to all people, different cultures, and diverse perspectives.

My dedication to Earths creatures, the plants and trees, the entire natural world is a continuous source of inspiration and peace. As a lifelong practitioner of yoga, the union of the self with the divine, I am reminded that each moment is an opportunity for connection.

Being a mother is the greatest teacher of all. Guiding my children has ultimately guided myself to higher consciousness and awareness, as I seek to be the best person I can in my shadows and in my light, for the service of the next generation.

I studied Environmental Science and Art Studio at the University of California at Santa Barbara, graduating with a B.A. and worked at the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network
rehabilitating Birds of Prey. I am credentialed in Child Play Yoga from Kundalini Yoga East NYC. As an entrepreneur, I had an art gallery and yoga studio in Prospect
Heights, NY and then moved to Vieques Island in the Caribbean, where I had a small business on the beach selling food and art. My experience in health and healing lead me to a job as a vitamin and wellness specialist at Whole Foods Market in the SF Bay area. I moved to Nevada County in 2014, and to learn more about growing
food and permaculture, I worked locally at Peaceful Valley Farm supply. My first child, Felix, was born in 2015 and my second child, Flora, in 2016. I devoted myself to motherhood and also have an online business selling ecofriendly greeting cards and Cosmic Circles sunlight catchers.

My children have both attended Iron and Pine preschool, and through our involvement I have seen from the very first moment and over many years, just how special this school is. It is a living example of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the visionary dream of a New Earth becoming reality. Currently, I am obtaining my credentials in Child Development at Sierra College and I am expanding my
knowledge in Waldorf education. I am also working towards my Masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy, so that I can further assist families and children.

It is an honor to be of service to the children and families in this loving community.